The visual aspect of the app allows users to see the menu with photos of every dish — which helps them to decide better. While the on-table ordering feature lets guests order directly from the table without the help of serving staff — by using the mobile app to browse the menu, select and place order and get it delivered to the table.


dishnary is really a win for both guests and restaurants. For guests, they get their orders faster and with more accuracy. As for restaurants, they can turn tables quicker and perhaps even have fewer workers on staff.

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The menu situation

Restaurant menus haven't changed since the very beginning.


Text based menus now seem outdated in today’s millennial generation where everything is turning visual and the importance of food presentation has reached new heights. Simultaneously, innovation in food fusion has skyrocketed — perhaps making food photos more important than ever.

Food photos and menu info are fragmented. You can view menus but without food photos. You get to see hundreds of food photos but without any menu info. 

Why switch to a visual menu?

  • The way food looks is perhaps more important than ever

  • Food photos and menu info are the biggest influence when people are deciding where and what to eat

  • Renowned menu engineer Gregg Rapp has found that including a nice- looking photo alongside a food item increases the sales by 30 percent

  • Put your food photos where they are needed the most — it helps diners with decision-making and reduces confusion. A creative visual menu can elevate your restaurant above the competition

  • Be one of the restaurants that uses the visual menu as a marketing tool and as a main communication piece